Raise Funds. 

While helping parents, help their kids.


“Did You See My Text” is a great way to make a positive impact on students' lives. Many PTOs we work with not only support teachers classroom needs but also implement programs to support parents. Our mission is to give parents a tool to help them influence their teens mindset, thoughts, and self-esteem.  


The Problem:
One of the major battles parents have is finding the right words when they notice their teen is struggling.  Maybe they’re looking for a way to encourage them because their teen is doubting themselves. Or they want to share new ways to approach the tough times life can bring. With the uprise in social emotional struggles, a parent wants nothing more than to have something they can use to lift their child’s spirits and help them navigate these most difficult years of life. 

A Solution:
“Did You See My Text” provides parents with a variety of messages they can use to communicate with their child. It utilizes their teens' device, which they carry with them everywhere they go, as the source for infiltrating their mind with a thought provoking text.  This is another fabulous way you can support your student body, by giving the most important people in their lives, a surplus of meaningful messages to build them up and prepare them for what they are facing each and every day.

How Does It Work?

There are 2 options for PTOs. 


1. Parent Funded

“DYSMT” will provide you with an individualized URL and flyer to distribute to parents and guardians sharing the opportunity to subscribe to DYSMT. Much like a traditional fundraiser, your PTO will earn 10% of all subscriptions purchased using your schools designated URL. 


2. School License

Your PTO can purchase a school license and will be given a code they can distribute to their parents to receive a subscription for the school year. Your PTO can then choose to:

  1. Offer the resource to their parents in return for a small fee.  This will help them earn back some of the cost or raise more funds for their account. 


  1. Pass out the code to their entire parent body for no fee, just as a way to provide their parents with a resource to help with the growth and development of their student body.

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